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Error Handling in SDK

Error handling

Whenever you perform an action that calls the server, there is chance the server rejects your request for various reasons. This guide demonstrate how should the errors be handled.

For example when you try to save a record to the database and without logging in, you get an error. Note({
  'content': 'Hello World!'
})).then((record) => {
  // save succeed
}, (error) => {
  // Here you have an error, the error object looks like this
  // { status: 401,
  //   error:
  //    { name: 'AccessTokenNotAccepted',
  //      code: 104,
  //      message: 'token does not exist or it has expired' } }

  // `error.error.message` is a message describing why an error occurred,
  // it is intended for developers to read.
  // If you want an user-friendly message for display, you can use:
  // An example will be "You are not allowed to perform this operation."

  // You can handle the error even better by checking the error code and
  // notify users with your own error message.
  if (error.error.code === skygear.ErrorCodes.AccessTokenNotAccepted) {
    alert("You have been logged out remotely");

Error codes

Detailed error code can be found in here. Each of them concisely describe the error, you should compare error against error codes if you want to handle them manually.