Skygear Chat Quick Start

[[toc]] Follow the steps below to add Skygear Chat to your app.

Step 1: Add Skygear Core to your app

Skygear Core provides you the cloud database and the user authentication modules. They are required modules for Skygear Chat.

Follow the iOS quick start guide to add Skygear Core to your app if you haven't.

Step 2: Add Skygear Chat to your app using CocoaPods

  1. Go to your Podfile and add the following lines to include SKYKItChat (Skygear Chat SDK) in your project.
pod 'SKYKitChat', :git => ''
  1. Save your Podfile and run pod install in the terminal.
pod install
  1. Then in AppDelegate.m or AppDelegate.swift, import the Skygear Chat SDK.
import <SKYKitChat/SKYKitChat.h>
import SKYKitChat

Step 3: Enable the chat in your developer portal

Lastly, enable the chat module in your developer portal. It is in the plug-ins page.

Skygear plug-ins

Cool your are all set now.

What's next from here

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