Access Control (ACL)

Access Type

There are two types of access for each record: read and write.

  • Read access allows querying and fetching records, which includes getting all the fields of records as well as the access control settings.
  • Write access allows saving and deleting records, which includes adding, updating and removing all fields (EXCEPT reserved columns) of records as well as access control settings for the record.

However, even with write access, ownership of records cannot be changed.

Default ACL Settings

By default, read access is granted to the public and write access is granted only to owner of the record. Here public refers to all other users and unauthenticated (not logged in) users. You can change this behavior as well:

const acl = new skygear.ACL();
// choose one setting among the three
acl.setPublicReadOnly(); // default
skygear.setDefaultACL(acl); // will change skygear.defaultACL

skygear.defaultACL.hasPublicReadAccess(); // default true
skygear.defaultACL.hasPublicWriteAccess(); // default false

After changing the default ACL setting, all records created in the future will automatically have this ACL setting; however, ACL setting for existing records created before this update will remain unchanged.

ACL by User

Suppose you have three user objects: Tak, Benson and Rick.

const Note = skygear.Record.extend('note');
const note = new Note({ content: 'demo user acl' });


note.hasReadAccessForUser(Tak); // false
note.hasWriteAccessForUser(Benson); // false

ACL by User Role

Defining roles

You can create different roles and later use them to design role-based access control. You can set certain roles as admin so that they have the power to change other users' roles. You can also set the default roles so that newly signed up user would start with these roles.

const Manager = skygear.Role.define('manager');
const Visitor = new skygear.Role('visitor');
// either way of defining roles is fine
skygear.setAdminRole([Manager]).then((roles) => {
  console.log(roles); // [ 'manager' ]
}, (error) => {

Changing roles

For admin user to change roles of other users:

// skygear.currentUser should be an admin user
skygear.getUsersByEmail(['']).then((records) => {
  const john = records[0];
  return skygear.saveUser(john);
}, (error) => {
  console.error('John is not found')
}).then((john) => {
  console.log('John is promoted from Visitor to Manager');
}, (error) => {
  console.error('You are not admin user');

Role-based access control per record

Suppose you have three roles: Manager, Employee and Visitor.

const Plan = skygear.Record.extend('plan');
const plan = new Plan({ title: 'future goals for company' });


plan.hasReadAccessForRole(Employee); // true
plan.hasWriteAccessForRole(Manager); // true

ACL by Record Type

Record creation access control

Record creation access is separate from write access for individual records:

skygear.setRecordCreateAccess(Note, [ Employee, Manager ]);
skygear.setRecordCreateAccess(Plan, [ Manager ]);