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File Storage (Assets)

About assets

You can make use of Asset to store file references such as images and videos on the database. An asset should be uploaded before being referenced by records. Skygear automatically uploads the files to a server that you specify, like Amazon S3.

Creating an asset

You can create an asset and upload by:

byte[] data = /* Get the image data */
Asset asset = new Asset("profile.jpg", "image/jpeg", data);

this.skygear.getPublicDatabase().uploadAsset(asset, new AssetPostRequest.ResponseHandler() {
    public void onPostSuccess(Asset asset, String response) {
        Log.i("Skygear Asset", "Successfully uploaded to " + asset.getUrl());

    public void onPostFail(Asset asset, Error error) {
        Log.i("Skygear Asset", "Upload fail: " + error.toString());

In Skygear SDK 1.6 or later, assets are uploaded automatically when you save a record, so you do not need to call uploadAsset separately.

Each asset should have a name. However, asset names will never collide. That means you can upload multiple assets with the same asset name.

Asset name (i.e. asset.getName()) is rewritten after the asset being uploaded.

Please be reminded that the asset URL (i.e. asset.getUrl()) will be populated with an expiry URL after fetching / querying the record from server.

After uploading the asset, you can set it as a field of an record.

Record aNote = new Record("Note");
aNote.set("attachment", asset);

this.skygear.getPublicDatabase().save(aNote, new RecordSaveResponseHandler(){
    public void onSaveSuccess(Record[] records) {
        Log.i("Skygear Record", "Successfully saved");

    public void onPartiallySaveSuccess(Map<String, Record> successRecords, Map<String, Error> errors) {
         Log.i("Skygear Record", "Partially saved");

    public void onSaveFail(Error error) {
        Log.i("Skygear Record", "Record save fails");

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there limit to file upload on Skygear Cloud?

Currently, It is possible to upload file to Skygear Cloud with a maximum size of 50MB.

Is it possible to add CORS settings to file upload?

If you use Skygear Cloud, a CORS settings of * (any origin) is added to all files, so you can fetch your assets using scripts from any origin. If you have your own S3 bucket, follow the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing guide. when downloading files