Skygear provides query of records with conditions. You can apply condition to Skygear queries, only getting the records you want.

Basic Queries

To perform a query, first you need to construct a Query object:

Query noteQuery = new Query("Note")
        .equalTo("title", "Hello world")
        .greaterThan("rating", 3);

After constructing a Query object, you can perform a query as following:

Container skygear = Container.defaultContainer(this);
Database publicDB = skygear.getPublicDatabase();

publicDB.query(noteQuery, new RecordQueryResponseHandler() {
    public void onQuerySuccess(Record[] records) {
        Log.i("Record Query", String.format("Successfully got %d records", records.length));

    public void onQueryError(String reason) {
        Log.i("Record Query", String.format("Fail with reason:%s", reason));

Or operation

Or operation can be applied to multiple Query objects. The usage is as following:

Query query1 = new Query("Note").caseInsensitiveLike("title", "%important%");
Query query2 = new Query("Note").greaterThan("rating", 3);
Query query3 = new Query("Note").greaterThan("readCount", 10);

Query compoundQuery = Query.or(query1, query2, query3)

// perform query using `compoundQuery` object...

Negate operation

negate operation can be applied to a Query object to negate the whole query predicate.

// (rating > 1) AND (rating < 3)
Query betweenOneAndThree = new Query("Note")
        .greaterThan("rating", 1)
        .lessThan("rating", 3);

// NOT ((rating > 1) AND (rating < 3))
Query notBetweenOneAndThree = new Query("Note")
        .greaterThan("rating", 1)
        .lessThan("rating", 3)


Besides the operations shown above, the following list out all operations supported.

  • like
  • notLike
  • caseInsensitiveLike
  • caseInsensitiveNotLike
  • equalTo
  • notEqualTo
  • greaterThan
  • greaterThanOrEqualTo
  • lessThan
  • lessThanOrEqualTo
  • contains
  • notContains
  • containsValue
  • notContainsValue
  • negate
  • addDescending
  • addAscending

Pagination and Ordering

Relational Queries

Eager Loading

Skygear supports eager loading of referenced records when you are querying the referencing records. It is done by specify the transient include on the query. The transient field will be available through the getTransient method.

/* Assume the `Order` table has a field named `shipping_address`,
   which is a foreign key to a table named `address`
Query orderQuery = new Query("Order"); /* build the query as usual */

// after getting a record of the query result
Map<String, Record> transientMap = record.getTransient();
Record shippingAddress = (Record) transientMap.get("shipping_address");

By default you access the transient attributes by using the field name. If you prefer another key, you can specify it by providing the second argument to transientInclude:

orderQuery.transientInclude("shipping_address", "shipping");
Record shippingAddress = (Record) transientMap.get("shipping");

Cached Query

Subscribing to Query Change