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Authenticating Users

Getting the current user ID

In your cloud code, you can obtain the user ID of the authenticated user by calling the function current_user_id in the skygear.utils.context module.

The current user ID will be useful in database hooks, lambda functions, or custom HTTP endpoint (if authenticated). Scheduled tasks are not run with any authenticated user so you cannot get an authenticated user from there.

from skygear.utils.context import current_user_id

@skygear.op('create-task', user_required=True)
def create_task(description):
    user_id = current_user_id()
    # do further processing with user_id

Reset Password

You can reset (change) the password of a user using the reset_password_by_username function in the skygear.utils.user module.

import skygear
from skygear.utils.user import reset_password_by_username

def custom_reset_password(username, new_password):
    # also need to check permission so that only admin can use this
    is_success = reset_password_by_username(username, new_password)
    return {
        'success': is_success,


  • username (String)

    The username whose password is to be changed.

  • new_password (String)

    The new password to be assigned to the user.

Return Value

The function returns True if the password is successfully changed, otherwise it returns False.