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Setting up FCM for Android Push Notification

You can send Push Notification to your user's devices via Skygear Push API or CMS Push Manager. Skygear uses the Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) service to send push messages to client Android applications.

To enable sending Push Notifications through FCM, you need:

  • Install Skygear Android SDK on your app. Learn how to install SDK if you haven't.
  • Configure the FCM Server Key on Skygear Portal

Overview of Skygear Push Notifications

Obtain the server key from Google Firebase Console

You can obtain the server key from Google Firebase Console. Open Firebase Console and log in using your Google account.

Create a New Firebase Project

In the dashboard of Firebase Console, click on Create New project.

Create a new Firebase project

After creating a project, go to Project Settings.

Go to project Settings of your project

In the Cloud Messaging tab, you will find your server keys in place.

Find your server Keys in the Cloud Messaging tab

You can copy existing and create new Server Keys under the Project credentials section.

Filling in the Server Key in Skygear Portal

Copy the Server Key you want to use and fill in Skygear Portal at App > Push Notification > Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Click the Update button to save the key.

Fill in the Server in Skygear Portal

To start sending message via FCM, remember to turn on Enable Firebase Cloud Messaging.