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Install SkygearSDK

Installable packages that eases the communication between your apps and Skygear.


Currently there are three Skygear SDKs available in JavaScript/TypeScript:
  • @skygear/web: all-purpose web frontend SDK
  • @skygear/node-client: Package that allows you to easily integrate Skygear with servers written in Node.js
  • @skygear/react-native: specifically made for React Native apps
Below is a command demonstrating how one can be installed:
$ npm install @skygear/web


To import and use a SDK in your app, configure it at the launch stage:
import skygear from "@skygear/web";
async function configureSkygear() {
await skygear.configure({
endpoint: "<your_app_endpoint>",
apiKey: "<your_api_key>",
The Skygear container is imported as skyear in the code sample, where is then configured with a user-specific endpoint and api key. If the container hasn't been configured properly, the SDK functions won't work.

Interact with AuthGear

One main functionality of the Skygear SDKs is to communicate with AuthGear in an intuitive manner, just like:
import skygear from "@skygear/web";
// please configure the container properly first
skygear.auth.login("some_registered_username", "some_registered_password")
.then(status -> {
// your code...
All user operations such as sign-up, log-in and log-out with AuthGear can be performed through the SDK.

Interact with Deployed Apps - Fetch API

The Fetch API is an interface allowing users to retrieve web resources with ease. We have shipped this with Skygear SDKs where your app endpoint is automatically taken care for you.
Here an example to visualize this:
import skygear from "@skygear/web";
// please configure the container properly first
.fetch("/some-api", {
method: "POST",
headers: {
"x-skygear-api-key": "<your_api_key>"
.then(result => {
Say you have an API at https://<your_app_name> and some of your code need to retrieve things from it. Within the Skygear container (already configured, of course) is an apiClient with has a method called fetch. This is essentially the one from Fetch API, just that you only have to provide the api subpath /some-api instead of the full URL.


While the SDK methods aim to supply a more user-friendly and simpler interface for Skygear users to integrate their apps, they and the classes can indeed be extended to customize their behaviours. To find out the details of them, go to the documentation.


To know more about the SDKs, please refer to the documentation.