List of Commands


This document covers the commands supplied by skycli. Currently there are 5 groups of them:
  • app: all commands under this are to interact or manage apps on Skygear
  • auth: for authentication operations on skycli, like signing up
  • config: for Skygear cluster operations on skycli
  • secret: to manage secrets of a Skygear app
  • domain: to manage custom domains of a Skygear app
  • version: the only group where itself is a valid command, with no sub-commands
Type in skygear --help to print out these groups. To check the sub-commands, enter skygear <group-name> --help.

Common Flags


When you are in some directories with no skygear.yaml inside, while you need to provide a Skygear app name to a skycli command, you can do this via the use of --app.
You won't need to do this when there exists a skygear.yaml in the current directory as skycli automatically looks for that and will parse the app value (i.e. an app's name) inside.

skycli app

Whenever you need to interact with a Skygear app, go for these commands. Unless you are dealing with secrets, which should be done with theskygear secret commands. Most of them requires you to provide your app name.

skycli app create

Will ask you questions regarding the properties (e.g. name) of the app, then create one for you.

skycli app list

List all apps that you have access right.

skycli app scaffold

Kicks start a scaffolding for a Skygear app from our app templates.

skycli app deploy

Deploys a Skygear app to your connected cluster. Requires a skygear.yaml at the same level defining the deployment.

skycli app view-config

Output your app's metadata and secrets.

skycli app update-config

Allow you to edit your app's metadata and secrets.

skycli app add-collaborator [email]

Add a collaborator to your app by sending them an email.

skycli app remove-collaborator [email]

Remove a collaborator with his/her email.

skycli app list-collaborator

List collaborator of your Skygear app.

skycli app list-templates

List out all templates of your Skygear app.

skycli app update-templates

Upload all valid templates in the folder templates a level under your skygear.yaml's residence.

skycli app download-templates

Download all templates of your Skygear app.

skycli app get-k8s-credentials

Write your Skygear app's Kubernetes credentials to your local config, normally at ~/.kube/config. Useful for things like check the logging of your pod/service.

skycli app get-k8s-token-request

Print out your app's ExecCredential.

skycli app delete-k8s-credentials deploy

Remove your app's Kubernetes credentials from your local config.

skycli auth

All authentication operations on skycli are done by these commands.

skycli auth login

Log in with email to use privileged commands of skycli.

skycli auth logout

Clean the account state of skycli.

skycli auth signup

Create a Skygear account in connected cluster. After you have provided the credentials, you will have to verify your email before you can use the account

skycli config

skycli config view

Print out the metadata of the connected cluster.

skycli config set-cluster

Connect to a Skygear cluster by answering a set of questions.

skycli config get-contexts

List available Skygear cluster contexts.

skycli config use-context [name]

Activate specific Skygear cluster context.

skycli secret

All about secret management under a Skygear app. Ensure app name is provided!

skycli secret list

List out all secrets under the specified app.

skycli secret create [name] [value]

Create a secret with the given name-value pair.

skycli secret delete [name]

By name, delete an existing secret.

skycli domain

While Skygear gives your app a default domain with the suffix, you can replace this with a custom domain (that you own).

skycli domain add [domain]

Register a custom domain to your Skygear app. Lines of DNS records will be outputted after executing the command, be sure to add them to your DNS provider. Then, verify the domain to complete the flow.

skycli domain list

List all added custom domain of your Skygear app.

skycli domain view [domain]

Display the metadata of a registered custom domain.

skycli app verify [domain]

Verify an added custom domain.

skycli app update [domain]

Update verified custom domain.

skycli app remove [domain]

Remove a custom domain from your Skygear app.

skycli version

No sub-commands, directly run this to print out your skycli version.